Shower Issues

Leaking Shower Head

People call us with a variety of problems in their shower. One of the most common of those is a leaky shower head.

Before you worry too much, look at the type of shower head that you have. If it is a rain head or another large shower head, note that these hold a lot of water inside the head itself in order to produce the desired effects. After you turn off your water, these heads will drain for for a minute or two. This isn’t a leak, it’s just the head getting rid of the water that was already inside it when you turned the shower off.

Next, try turning your valve. Is it harder to turn than it used to be, or do you feel actual resistance when you try to turn it? This usually means that mineral deposits from hard water have built up on the moving parts of the valve. Over time, the whole mechanism can slowly freeze up, until it is unable to close far enough to fully stop the flow of water, which causes leaks. You may not notice until the problem is pretty bad, since it happens so slowly.

You will probably need a plumber to fix a valve problem, as you will need to disassemble it and clean it or replace it entirely. If your water is hard, you can also talk to your plumber about the benefits of installing a system that will make your water soft. This costs money to install, but it can save you a fortune on plumbing repairs later on.

If your problem doesn’t seem to be in the head or in the valves themselves, it’s time to get a professional to figure out what is going on. You can call us at (941) 322-1911 or schedule an appointment on our website, and we will send someone out as soon as we can to figure out what is causing your shower leaks.

Mold In the Shower

Mold is a fungi, so it grows best in damp, dark conditions. Plumbers find mold growing in all sorts of places, like inside cabinets where water has been leaking for a while and in laundry rooms. We also find quite a bit of mold in showers.

If your shower shows any signs of something growing in it, your bathroom is probably not drying out properly. You may need to install a bathroom fan for proper ventilation or be sure that you open the window every time you take a shower. Letting the room dry will go far towards preventing mold growth.

Mold can also grow because there is a leak that you can’t see. If your bathroom has proper ventilation but you are still getting recurrent mold growth, you’ll need to figure out where the leak is. Since mold thrives where there is moisture and spreads by sending out spores, it will reproduce until the source of the moisture is taken care of.

Mold can be a significant health hazard, depending on the type of mold and how sensitive you and your family members are to it. If anyone who is in your home regularly suffers from unexplained eye irritation, wheezing, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, or even severe lung problems, it is worth checking to see if you have mold. It can grow in places where you may not check, or even in places that you can’t see, like inside your walls.

If you have a mold problem or suspect one, Wimpy’s Plumbing can help you find and eliminate the source of the problem. You can make an appointment through our website or by calling us at (941) 322-1911. We will come out, investigate the problem, and give you a estimate on what it will cost to fix it.

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