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Do I Have a Leak in My Sewer Line?

You probably do not give all that much thought to your sewer line on a regular basis. When you drain your bathtub or flush your toilet, you don’t really want torsz_plumbing_istock_000043622364_xxxlarge think about where that waste and wastewater is going, so long as it is moving away from your home reliably. Should you encounter problems with your sewer line, though, you’ll find it a lot more difficult to ignore than you would when it’s working properly. Any problems with your sewer line in Sarasota, FL are best resolved promptly, so learning to recognize the warning signs of issues such as leaks is definitely in your best interest. Call today if you have any cause for concern about the sewer line on your property.

Sewer Odors

If you have a leak in your sewer line, it’s not always about keeping your eyes peeled for signs of trouble. Your nose can be a valuable tool to use, as well. If you can smell the odor of sewage in your home or on your property, it could well be the result of a leak in your sewer line, or damaged drain and sewer pipes in your home. Obviously, this is not a problem that you can ignore or just choose to live with for a while.

Soggy Spots

When you walk in your yard, do certain spots feel squishy and wet, even when the weather has been pretty dry? If so, you may have a leaky sewer line on your hands. These wet spots will likely be accompanied by the aforementioned sewer odor, but even if the issue is not obvious, it behooves you to have a professional plumber on our staff investigate matters before even worse issues pop up.

Odd Landscape

Are you wondering why there is a patch of grass on your property that is more lush and green than the rest? It could be due to the unsavory situation in which your leaking sewer line is fertilizing that particular area. Leaking sewer or, for that matter, water lines, can cause a lot of problems on your property, including the compromising of your foundation. If you notice any such issues, contact us immediately.

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