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Protect the Integrity and Performance Quality of Your Garbage Disposal

It doesn’t always take a massive overhaul to greatly improve upon the systems in one’s home. When it comes to your plumbing system, trsz_plumbing_1109477_62798112he relatively simple undertaking of adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen setup can have hugely beneficial effects. Just remember that a garbage disposal is not necessarily going to handle anything and everything that you may throw at it. If you hope to get the best performance possible from your garbage disposal, and to protect its operating condition as well, you must use it properly. Here are a few tips to help you to get the most from your garbage disposal in Bradenton, FL

Always Run the Water

Some homeowners have a vision of whirring blades spinning around in their drainpipe. This is not really the case. A garbage disposal operates by grinding up food waste, not chopping it to smithereens. In order to grind scraps of food into a paste that can be successfully flushed down the drain, your garbage disposal will need to add water to the grinding process. For this reason, you must keep the tap open while running the garbage disposal, as well as for a moment or two afterwards. This helps to keep the paste running down the pipe.

Keep Fibrous and Very Hard Materials Out

Do not put very hard materials, such as animal bones, down the drain and run the garbage disposal. Doing so can lead to some pretty serious damages, and you may find yourself scheduling repairs before long. That may seem pretty obvious, but fewer homeowners realize that putting very fibrous materials down the drain, such as corn husks or celery stalks, can be equally problematic. These materials can get wrapped up in the mechanism, straining the motor and causing it to overheat.

Beware the FOG

Fats, oil, and grease, or FOG, are all deceptively harmful to your plumbing system. These substances may be liquids when they are hot, but fat and grease can congeal when they cool down, and they can all cling to the interior surfaces of your pipes. When they do, serious clogs are very likely to develop before long.

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