Help, I Hear Water Running, But Don’t Know Where!

family owned and operatedIf you are laying in bed and everything is quiet except for a gentle breeze blowing through the trees outside, this is good.

If you are laying in bed and everything is quiet, then you hear the sound of water running and no one is using water, this is not good.


How to find a leak

The first thing you would want to check yourself, before calling a Sarasota plumber to find your leak, is to check and make sure that none of your toilets are running.  This will save you money. A common cause of the toilet running is the flapper no longer seals. This will cause the toilet to run.  Hopefully, you can replace the flapper and your problem is solved.

If you find the toilets are not running, then make sure all of your outside hoses are turned off.  Perhaps you left the hose running to fill the pool or water the grass or those new bushes that you just planted.

Now that you have checked these common things and nothing was left on and running, you may want to schedule a consultation with a plumber in Sarasota.  Go ahead and make the call so you can get an appointment as soon as possible.  Because if you are hearing water running, that means the county utility water department is billing you for this water that you are not using.  Depending on the size of the leak, your next water and sewer bill could easily triple.

So you have checked the common things that would cause you to hear water running.  Next, go out to the water meter and look at it.There will be a smaller dial inside the face, called a leak indicator.  This leak indicator will spin with even the smallest amount of water running.  If the leak indicator is spinning and you don’t see any puddles of water on the ground between the house and the water meter, you are going to need a professional plumbing company to determine what your problem is.

Running Water Help in Sarasota

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