Why does my water softener use too much salt?

Water softeners are great.  They tend to work trouble free for long periods of time.  Their purpose is to remove magnesium and calcium from your water.  These are the minerals that create the hardness of the water.  Water hardness levels differ around counties and municipalities.  When choosing a softener, one needs to know the hardness level of their water.  Also, the softener needs to be sized for the amount of water the household will use.

When the softener is built to specifications,  it is set up for that particular water sample.  The specs of the water test will determine the amount of resins needed and the size of the tank needed to provide soft water.  Then there are different salt level settings in the softener head to determine how much salt is going to be used during the regeneration cycle.   If the salt level setting wasn’t set at the proper level at start-up, the softener may use too much salt or not enough salt. Changing the salt level setting is fairly easy on most quality softener heads. However, some cheaper models will not have a way to change the salt levels.  A licensed master plumber would be able to help you at this point, if needed.

Before you call a plumber in Sarasota, make sure your water usage has been the same, and no hoses have been running for an extended period of time, as this would cause your softener to regenerate and use a lot more salt.

Another cause of your softener using too much salt would be that the brain of the system, the head, is malfunctioning.  This will usually entail the help of a professional, due to the availability of parts accessible to the homeowner.

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