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How Do I Know if the Time for Repiping Has Come?

You may not want to accept this fact right off the bat, but your plumbing system and the pipes that it comprises are not going to last forever. Eventually, you may¬†have to repipe your home. If and when you do, you want it to be on your terms. Don’t wait for very serious problems — and very costly damage — before contacting a professional plumber to handle your repiping. Read the following tips, and remember to schedule your repiping in Sarasota, FL with our team.

  • Old homes are obviously going to have older pipes than newer homes will, so the age of your house is a major factor of influence when it comes to the need for repiping. While they are fairly out of date at this point, for instance, galvanized steel pipes used to be very commonly used. These type of pipes are susceptible to corrosion, and you are wise to remember that our water in this area also tends to have higher corrosive properties. If you have galvanized pipes, repiping is probably advisable.
  • Low water pressure can result from a lot of different problems with one’s home plumbing system. One potential cause of low water pressure is a buildup of rust or mineral content within your pipes. If this happens, cleaning out all of the pipes in your home is not really going to be feasible. Repiping with new materials, paired with using the right water treatment system, is definitely an option to consider.
  • Frequent leaks¬†in your plumbing system should also really be setting off alarms. You should not be repairing your plumbing system with any sort of regularlity. You deserve a reliable and effective performance from this system. If you need to replace sections of pipe, it may be best just to get a whole repiping job done at once to prevent further issues.

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