What Cast Iron Corrosion Means for Your Plumbing System

These days, materials such as copper and various plastics are commonly used for residential piping. In years and decades past, though, many materials were used that have fallen out of favor in more modern times. Chief among these materials is cast iron.

Now, cast iron certainly has its uses. However, it’s time as a go-to for plumbing applications has come and gone. This is due largely to its susceptibility to corrosion. We have fairly corrosive water in our area anyway, so cast iron pipes can be of particular concern. Here are some tips for determining if your plumbing system in Bradenton, FL is at risk due to cast iron corrosion.

Cast iron used to be used in a number of applications, including both for main water lines as well as for sewer lines. While rust and corrosion may certainly develop on any pipe, sewer lines do tend to suffer from the issue more frequently due to the nature of the waste flowing through them, as opposed to that of the water coming in through your main water line. It is important to note, though, that every little sign of rust is not an indicator that your pipe is about to burst.

Some external rust is quite common on these cast iron pipes. If the rusted area is not deeply pitted, it is likely — not certain, mind you — that your pipe is still okay. This is due to the fact that pipes generally fail due to corrosion beginning from within, not on their outer surfaces.

A visible crack in the pipe, though, should definitely raise a red flag. Even if it is a tiny crack, with only a little evidence of corrosion around it, you should be dialing our number. Keep in mind that you are only going to be able to see a small section of these pipes, if anything at all. The crack you see may look “minor,” but those that you cannot see may be more serious.

Another situation in which to take corrosion very seriously is if you have corroded bumps on the underside of the pipe. This indicates that water is making its way through a leak, and that the pipe is essentially resealing the hole as the iron rusts and expands. These blobs of rust are a sure sign that you pipe is in trouble.

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