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What Do I Do When My Water Line Bursts?

Water line workWe don’t have to worry about subzero temperatures freezing up our pipes and causing them to burst here in the Sunshine State. That does not mean, though, that a ruptured water line is something you’ll never encounter. There are many potential causes of such serious leaks, and you need to know how to proceed responsibly in the event that you encounter one on your property.

That is why it is so important that you know where to locate your water shut-off valve. This is the valve that will stop all water from entering your home. There are a few spots that it may be, though, and you definitely don’t want to be scrambling and searching for yours when you have an issue with your water line in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

While basements are not at all common in our area, due to the swampy nature of our terrain and our generally high water table, there are a few homes in certain areas that have them. If your house does have a basement, it is likely that you’ll find the water shut-off valve on the front facing foundation wall. What about the rest of us, though?

Homes with crawlspaces may have a water shut-off valve located right next to the water heater. However, it is also possible that the valve is in the crawlspace itself. This may not be very convenient to access when you’re dealing with a burst water line, so you may want to have a secondary shut-off valve installed somewhere within your property. When it comes to water line leaks, the fewer obstacles between you and the valve, the better!

Should your home be built right on a slab, check first by the water heater. If the valve is not there, it may even be right under the kitchen sink. Don’t wait until you really need it to go looking for it. Homeowners interested in even greater protection may opt for an automatic shut-off valve, which will stem the flow of water automatically when serious leaks are detected.

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