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5 Tips to Keep Your Plumber from Enjoying Thanksgiving with you!

god blessThanksgiving is a time when people are busy in their kitchens preparing and cooking. With other people involved helping, they may not be aware of the condition of your plumbing system. Preventing plumbing problems during Thanksgiving is as easy as pie if the cook and the helpers know the do’s and don’ts of garbage disposals.

Not every one knows what to put in a garbage disposal and every year clogged drains and garbage disposals that quit working, are the top of the list service calls for plumbers the day of and the day after Thanksgiving.

We, at Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing,  want you to Love Your Plumber and  to ensure our customers a pleasant holiday, we are available in case a plumbing emergency occurs. Bubba Butler, president of Wimpy’s, said his team of trained professional master plumbers excel in taking care of their customers in their time of need.

With family and friends helping in the kitchen cleaning up after the Thanksgiving feast, more leftovers go down the drain, and this increases the chance of your drains clogging up or jamming or breaking your disposal.

So it is very important for everyone to know what can be put down the drain.When in doubt, throw it in the trash can.  Garbage disposals are not meant to replace the trash can and they usually get overworked during the holidays.

While sitting around the table counting your blessings this Thanksgiving, be thankful for these top five disposal tips from Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing:

1. Gradually put waste down the disposal in small increments.

2. Put leftovers in the trash or compost pile.

3.  Don’t pour grease down the drain; wipe off all greasy pans before you wash them.

4.  Don’t put turkey bones, skin, potatoes and onion peels in the disposal.

5  .If you suspect a kitchen drain problem, don’t run the dishwasher. the dishwasher discharges into the garbage disposal.

Let’s all be thankful for God, family, friends and our country.

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