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Grease/Roots Causing Stoppages? Camera and Hydro-jetting, May Be The Answer.

Grease or roots causing stoppages in your main lines can cause your water closets to back up.  Just this week, Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing, a family owned, honest, Sarasota Plumber, was called out for a stoppage that another plumber had cleared three different times.  Their stoppage kept occurring shortly after each time the other plumber snaked out the main line.

The other plumber did not have a camera to see what the problem was or to see if he had cleared the stoppage so it would not happen again.  After the third time of snaking the line in a three month period, the customer called us.

When our Florida State Certified Master Plumber arrived and listened to the customer, he ran the camera down the main line to see why the problem kept re-occurring.  We found a PVC waste line under the floor that was full of grease.  The snake, the other plumber was using was just drilling a hole through the grease and not cleaning the pipe.

Click on the Hydro-Jetting / YouTube Link


Click on the above link to see the video of the difference in snaking out a line to clear a stoppage, and hydro-jetting a line to clean the pipe or visit our website at

We not only explained the problem of why the stoppage kept re-occurring, but showed the customer with the camera the condition of the main waste line.  Then we explained their options.  Based on our 42 years of customer service in the Sarasota and Bradenton, doing plumbing work, we knew that the best option for them was hydro-jetting the main waste line.  We proceeded with the hydro-jetting and cleaned all of the grease that was creating their main stoppage, out of the waste line.  When we finished the line was like brand new, with a guarantee.  That customer was as pleased as you will be, all you need to do is call the professionals, Wimpy’s.  941-322-1911.  We are available 24/7 to service you in your time of a plumbing crisis.

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