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Leaking Water Heater.

flood plumbingLeaking water heater. Oh bummer.  You went out to your garage and saw water on the floor.  You traced back to to the source and found  the water coming out of your water heater.

Leaking water heater.  What do you do?  First things first.  Try to close the shut-off valve that is on the incoming cold pipe on top of the water heater.  This will stop the flow of water into the heater.  The amount of water you will still get on the floor will depend on where the leak is in the tank.   If the leak is at the bottom of the tank, then you will get whatever volume of water your tank is.

If the valve on top of the water heater does not work, then shut off the water to the house.

Turn off the power going to the water heater and hook up a garden hose to the heater drain cock.  Open a hot water faucet.  This will allow air into the system to allow the water heater to drain.  Be careful if the drain cock is made of plastic.  A professional plumber will put in a water heater with a brass drain cock.  The brass drain cock won’t strip or fall off in your hand as you open it.  Also, it won’t accidentally get kicked off or broken.  A plastic drain cock that gets broken off by accident, can create a terrible mess in a blink of an eye.  You don’t want that to happen just to save a couple of bucks.

Now you need to call a Bradenton Plumber to replace your leaking water heater.  Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing is a family owned plumbing company that has replaced leaking water heaters for over forty years in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.

The Federal Government is mandating some major changes in the water heater industry.  It’s all about the amount of energy they use.

This is going to affect the size of the tanks.  As of April 15,2015, the law will go into effect.  If you have no more room around your water heater for a larger footprint of a heater, your choices will be either to get a smaller capacity water heater or relocate the water heater.

Call Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing 941-322-1911 to evaluate your water heater needs.  Schedule online if you wish at

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