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Plumbing System Flooded Your Home?

flood plumbingPlumbing systems have flooded many homes.  When you see water in your house where it should not be, it is either from your roof leaking,  your A/C leaking or your plumbing system leaking.

Plumbing systems that have flooded homes can be devastating.  The damage that water can cause is sometimes overwhelming.

Plumbing systems that flood homes can be new or older systems.  Make sure you know where to turn off the water to your house.

I went on a flood call just the other day and it was a plumbing mystery!  The home had standing water in the bathroom, hallway and living room areas. The toilets were stopped up and the tub was holding water.

It sounded like a main line stoppage.  Upon investigation, I found the septic tank was full and the drainfield totally full of water.  With nothing running and the waste lines full of water, the water kept flowing out of the clean-out I found and had opened up.

I turned off the water to the house and the water quit running thru the waste pipe.  How could the sewer line be cross connected to the potable water line?

I had the septic tank pumped so I could tell where the water was coming from, the tank needed it any way because it had not been pumped for ten years. ( Note: Proper maintenance of a septic tank is to have it pumped every five years.  This will help keep solids from clogging up the drainfield.)

Now, the water is off to the house and the waste lines are empty.  It is not a main line stoppage and the drainfield is not bad.  It just could not handle the thousands of gallons at once that was occurring somehow from the water line leaking into the sewer line.

I ran my sewer camera upstream into the house and found the line had filled up with sand from the water line leak that acted as a laser beam and shot a hole through the cast iron pipe.  I turned on the water and saw water spraying into the sewer line.

Mystery solved.  The copper water line had pinholed and was spraying out at just the right angle to hit the cast iron pipe and broke it open, allowing water to go into the sewer, filling up the septic/drainfield and backing up the plumbing system and causing the flood.

When you need a plumbing mystery solved, or just a minor repair done, You should call the professionals.  Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing is at your service. 24/7.  Schedule an appointment online at or call 941-322-1911 and speak to Lori.   You will find her very pleasant and understanding of your particular plumbing problem.

If you need a Plumber in Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton, Parrish or Venice, don’t hesistate to call.  Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing will service your plumbing needs. We want you to Love Your Plumber!

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