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Sarasota Plumber, Who Do You Call?

Sarasota Plumber - Bubba of Wimpy's Dependable Plumbing

Certified Plumber Bubba fixing a Water Heater in Sarasota


Sarasota Plumber, who do you call?  Do you want the guy who shows up in an unlettered, unlicensed, pick-up truck?  The same guy who doesn’t have any stock on his truck and has to go to a big box store to buy material, instead of a legitimate Plumbing Supply Wholesaler?

Do you have to wonder if the guy who just showed up at your door calling himself a Plumber, really knows what he is doing?  Not everyone who calls him or herself a Plumber, truly is one.

If your going to have to pay for a Plumber, don’t you want to get one that truly knows the profession?  One who has been through the technical training, had the years of hands-on training experience in the field and has at least a Journeymans’ license to prove he or she knows the minimum requirements of the Florida Plumbing Code?

Plumbers protect the health of the Nation from disease and unsanitary conditions.  A warm body that hasn’t met the minimum standards, is hired by some companies to provide a “technician” to come to your home.  Is this who you want protecting you from diseases and unsanitary conditions?

If you would prefer a licensed Master Plumber to show up to your home, in a clean, fully stocked, neat plumbing truck, with a uniformed, drug-free, background checked, booties on his feet, Master Plumber, who has all the necessary tools and the latest equipment on his truck, plus the prep and clean-up materials with him to protect your home, while the plumbing repairs are being done, then you need to call the Plumber that provides all of this.

That Plumber in Sarasota would be Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing. For over forty two years, as a family business, Wimpy’s has been going above and beyond to provide this level of service to their customers. In fact, the reviews we get from existing and new customers speaks for itself.  We want people to Love their Plumber!

Treat yourself to a Professional Plumbing Company, next time you need a Plumber.  Experience the level of service you deserve.  Find out what it is like for a company to care about you and your needs.  Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing wants to exceed your expectations.

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