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Why Do Tank Water Heaters Need to Be Flushed?

Plumber working on tank water heater.You have probably heard of having your water heater flushed if you use a tank water heater. Hopefully, you have taken the advice to have your tank water heater in Sarasota, FL flushed annually seriously. You risk serious problems with your water heater if you ignore the need for flushing.

While flushing a water heater is far from the most complicated service that your system will need, it is still a job best left to the professionals. You don’t want to make a mess in the basement, or risk damaging your system in a misguided DIY attempt. Instead, give our plumbers a call, and know that the job is done right.

What Does Flushing a Water Heater Accomplish?

Flushing out a hot water tank allows the sediment and mineral deposits within that tank to be drained out. Even if you get your water from a public water supply and it is treated, there is no guarantee that the water is going to be free of pollutants and contaminants by the time it makes its way into your home via your plumbing system. Hard water is very common, in which heavy amounts of minerals are present, and sediment can be picked up during the delivery process.

While sediment and mineral content may not pose a health risk to residents in the house, they can pose serious issues for the water heater itself. They can build up in a hard layer at the bottom of the tank, insulating the water from the heat generated by flames or the electric coil. That is going to cause your water heater to work harder than it should have to, and can even put the system at risk of damages. Those materials can wind up in your pipes, and burst pipes or ruptured connections are a very real possibility. Plus, flushing the water heater is a great opportunity for evaluating the anode rod.

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