garbage disposal repair bradenton flYou probably use your garbage disposal several times each week. And as long as it works when you need it to, you might not give it much thought. While relatively self–sufficient, garbage disposals do see a lot of wear and tear, and problems tend to arise from time to time.

If you are in need of garbage disposal repair in Bradenton FL, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air can help. Our experienced Bradenton plumbers know all there is to know about garbage disposals, and we can get yours working again in no time!

When You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

If there is a garbage disposal in your home, there are three common times when you might need to have it repaired:

  • Stuck Objects. A foreign object lodged in the unit is one of the most common reasons people call for garbage disposal repair. When silverware or other objects made of metal, wood or plastic find their way in the disposal, they can become lodged in place and prevent the unit from working as it should.
  • Clogs. When not used properly, garbage disposals commonly become clogged. Fats, grease, bones and fibrous vegetables can all cause nasty clogs in garbage disposals. To avoid this common problem, be mindful of what you put in the disposal, and put trash in the trash can where it belongs.
  • Overloading. When too much food is put in a garbage disposal at one time, the unit may turn off to prevent overheating. You may be able to solve this problem by simply resetting the unit, but if food is still stuck, you’ll likely need help from a plumber in Bradenton.

Whether your garbage disposal is not working at all or it is making strange sounds or has an unusual odor, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air can help. For expert garbage disposal repair in Bradenton FL, and the surrounding areas, please contact us today!

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