Do you need to have a plumber in Old Miakka come out for a drain cleaning? Reach out to us at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air today. We’ll get one of our drain experts to your home fast and unclog your drains ASAP. Call now to get your drains serviced soon.

A clean drain in Old Miakka.

Do I Need Drain Cleaning in Old Miakka?

Some homeowners hate to call for drain cleaning in Old Miakka unless they are absolutely sure there’s no other option. Here are some times when we think it’s worth it to bring in a pro.

  • You can’t get the clog to budge. If you’ve tried your normal methods of drain clearing and the clog is stuck, it’s time to bring in professional help.
  • The clog keeps returning. A clog that comes back may never have been gone at all. We’ll get rid of it for good!
  • You smell sewage or it is backing up into your house. This indicates a sewer clog, and you can’t get rid of those on your own.
  • You have clogs all over the house. This also indicates a problem deeper in your sewer system. You’ll need professional help to remove that clog!
  • You have other plumbing problems. They may be connected to your clog, even if they don’t seem to be. We’ll get to the bottom of it and fix your whole system.

If you’re experiencing these problems, call us for drain cleaning in Old Miakka right away.

Our Drain Cleaning Methods

When we come to your home, we have many options available to us for drain cleaning. Most of the time, we’ll use Old Miakka hydro jetting to make those clogs go away.

Hydro jetting involves shooting a highly-concentrated flow of water into your pipes. This stream can be used to clean off the sides of your pipes or to break up clogs and help them flow downstream. It can even break up small tree roots!

If your plumber doesn’t think that Old Miakka hydro jetting is right for you, we’ll use one of the other methods at our disposal, like drain rodding, drain snaking, and more. We’ll get that clog out, no matter what!

If you need a plumber in Old Miakka to help you get your drains cleaned, call us at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air now. Don’t put it off, because these problems only get worse with time. Instead, call us and we’ll get your drain cleared soon!