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Casey Key, FL Plumbing, Water Heater and Water Treatment Services

Good plumbing isn’t something that you can find just anywhere and through any contractor. You never want to place something as important as your home’s plumbing in the hands of inexperienced or amateur technicians. That’s why you should call on Wimpy's Plumbing & Air if you’re a resident of Casey Key, FL who needs the best plumbing services available. We are family–owned and operated, and have been in business since 1973. We can deliver the plumbing work you need, when you need it. Our staff of Florida Licensed Master Plumbers wants you to be completely satisfied with any job they perform.

We are here to see to all your plumbing needs!

We Provide All the Plumbing Services You Need

It takes expert, skilled plumbers to handle the wide variety of plumbing jobs that a home may require. There’s new pipe installation, leak location and repair, sump pump installation, backflow prevention, new plumbing for kitchen remodels, and much more. At Wimpy's Plumbing & Air, our plumbers are certified to handle it all. You only need to call our number to arrange for the 24 hour plumbing services in Casey Key, FL that you need, no matter what they are. No job is too large or too small for us.

We Work on Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

The great majority of plumbing jobs will either be for the kitchen or one of the bathrooms. These rooms contain an enormous number of pipes and plumbing fixtures that must work at their best all the time. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, new fixture installation, or other work for the plumbing in your bathrooms of kitchen, great help is only a phone call away.

Do You Need Plumbers Who Service Septic Tanks?

Not all plumbing companies are capable of working with septic tanks. We are, however. If you have a septic tank that handles waste from your home, you should contact us to service it. This includes new tank installation, routine tank maintenance, or those all–important repairs. We understand how vital it is that your septic tank remains in the best condition possible.

Call Us for Installation and Other Services for Water Heaters

One of the primary services that we provide for homes in Casey Key, FL is taking care of water heaters. We offer installation and replacement water heaters (including high–efficiency tankless and heat pump models), fast repairs, and regular maintenance. When you work with the team at Wimpy's Plumbing & Air, you’ll receive the quality work that will keep your water heater dependable so you can get on with your days and nights without the worry that you’ll lose the supply of hot water your household needs.

For Drain and Sewer Services Done Right, Call Us

Clogged and broken drains will become major issues for a home, and a damaged or blocked sewer line can become an even more serious issue. But you only need to turn to Wimpy's Plumbing & Air and relax knowing that the best plumber in Sarasota will be on the job in a hurry. We offer cleaning, new drain and sewer installation, and a full range of repairs. Our plumbers have the finest tools, such as video camera inspection equipment and hydro–jetters to see that you receive only top–quality work.

Need Drain Cleaning? We Can Do It!

If you’ve got a clog in a sink that won’t go away, don’t reach for a store–bought drain cleaner. Instead, reach for the phone and contact our number. We’ll see that your drain gets the powerful and safe cleaning necessary to wipe out clogs. You don’t have to wait for clogs to happen, however: call us for regular drain cleaning and keep those emergencies kept far away.

We Use Hydro Jetting Technology for Great Results

Hydro–jetting is a method of drain and sewer line cleaning that provides thorough results. A pump and motor place water under extreme high pressure, and then one of our plumbers uses a hose and nozzle fed down your drain to scour the pipe interior with powerful water blasts. When you want drain and sewer line cleaning that goes a step beyond, call us for hydro–jetting.

Our Water Treatment Systems Will Give You Clean Water in Casey Key, FL

If you have reason to believe there are contaminants in your water–such as pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, minerals, etc.–you should call Wimpy's Plumbing & Air and arrange for water testing. We can find out exactly what is in your household water supply. Even better, we will find a way to clean your water with a whole–house water treatment system. We install a variety of filters and water softeners that will do the job you need, and we also service these systems as well.

Installation and Other Services for Water Filtration Systems

Simple water filters attached to faucets or inside pitchers will only supply minor filtration for your home’s water. To make a big difference, have our specialists hook up a whole–house water filtration system that targets the specific problems in your water supply. You can entrust all your future water filtration service needs to our team of experienced local plumbers.

If You Have Hard Water, We Have the Water Softeners That Will Solve It

A high level of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, is the cause of hard water. This may not be harmful to drink, but your plumbing won’t like it one bit! The deposits from hard water will damage pipes and fixtures. How can you fix this? Let us install a water softener that will place sodium ions in the water and balance out the hard water minerals. You can rely on us for all your water quality needs, and any other plumbing work you may require.

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