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Common Causes of Poor Tasting Water

December 12th, 2016

Some people have water coolers in their home that they keep stocked with large bottles via a delivery service. Others depend upon the faucet in the kitchen for their drinking water. Even if you are not exclusively using your faucets for drinking water, you really should not just put up with bad tasting water in your home.Glass of water.

If you are really struggling with foul tasting water in your home, just give your dependable plumber in Sarasota a call. We have a number of solutions that may help, from basic water filtration systems to more advanced water treatment systems in Sarasota, FL.

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Why Choose the Gerber Avalanche Toilet?

December 5th, 2016

The Wimpy's TeamIn our previous blog post, we talked about how a toilet that won’t flush is most definitely a bona fide plumbing emergency. Now that we’ve covered one of the most common problems that you may encounter with your toilet, we want to talk about one of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have about toilets in general. Chiefly, we want to dispel the myth that all toilets are more or less the same.

You use your toilet each and every day, right? With that in mind, it stands to reason that you want the best of the best when it comes to this particularly vital plumbing fixture. We could debate about what the best toilet on the market is all day, but we’d rather talk about a product that is certainly on the shortlist: the Gerber Avalanche Toilet.

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Toilet Not Flushing? That’s an Emergency!

November 28th, 2016

ToiletWhen you hear the word plumbing, your toilet is probably one of if not the first thing you think of. We’re guessing that you don’t need us to explain why exactly a non-flushing toilet is such a huge problem. What we do want to stress is that, yes, a non-flushing toilet is a plumbing emergency. There may not be water shooting out of a pipe and flooding your bathroom, but you can’t really be expect to wait all weekend before having the problem resolved, can you?

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Don’t Let the Holidays Be too Tough on Your Garbage Disposal

November 21st, 2016

Plumber with garbage disposalWith the holiday season getting into swing, homeowners throughout the country are gearing up for friends, family–and food! Sitting around the table with those closest to you and sharing a big, home cooked meal is really one of the great pleasures in life. Of course, the inevitable cleanup after the festivities is not quite as pleasurable.

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Water On the Floor Around My Toilet, Leaking At the Base? Wimpy’s Will Find the Problem.

November 16th, 2016

wimpys-plumbing-32Water on the floor around my toilet or leaking at the base. Wimpy’s will find the problem.  Many customers have called us with this fairly common plumbing problem in Sarasota, Florida.  As your Local Sarasota Plumber, Wimpy’s is the expert in finding out why you are having water on the floor around your toilet or why it is leaking at the base.  It is usually not the same problem in each case.  I once knew a Plumber in Sarasota who saw water around the base of the toilet and just replaced the toilet.  Come to find out it was just a simple washer that he could of tightened.  At our Plumbing Company we have been honest with our customers since 1973.  I remember what my Dad, Wimpy, told me back then, …treat people like you want to be treated, be honest and look out for their best interest.  To this day that has worked for us.  It seems people just want the truth.

If you find water on the floor around your toilet, try to determine if is only coming when you flush the toilet or does the water spot just keep getting larger and larger.  Always feel for the leak on a toilet from the top down, since water will follow gravity.  You can even use dry toilet paper to locate the where the water is coming from.

However, if you just want it fixed once and for all, the only thing you need to do is pick up the phone or tap a few keys and Wimpy’s will be there for you.  We have professional Plumbers, who show up on time that are clean, courteous and above all, Honest.  We will let you know if it is a simple tightening of a bolt or if it is more involved.  We want to earn your trust.  We do that today, so we can be here tomorrow.

Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing, always here, always honest. Call 941-322-1911 or on line, www.Loveyourplumber.com.

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When Is Repiping My Best Option?

November 14th, 2016

Burst PipeEven the least handy homeowners out there know that the pipe is the main building block of their plumbing systems. The most common
problems with plumbing systems tend to relate to these pipes themselves. In many cases, a pipe can be cleared out to resolve problems like clogged drains. In others, repairs may need to be made in order to get the piping system back in prime working condition.

Sometimes, though, repairs and basic fixes are not the best way to go. In fact, they are not even always possible. When extensive and complex problems with your pipes arise, repiping in Sarasota, FL may be your best, if not only, option. Here is some information about repiping, and why you may need to consider this service.

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Stoppages and Slow Drains, Wimpy’s Has The Expertise to Solve Your Drain Problems.

November 8th, 2016

wimpys-plumbing-17Stoppages and slow drains, Wimpy’s has the expertise to solve your drain problems.  Knowledge can make you a tradesperson, but only experience can make you an expert.  This is so true when it comes to drain cleaning.  For over forty three years in the Sarasota/Bradenton areas, including all of the barrier islands, Wimpy’s has been solving stoppage problems and slow drain issues for our customers.  We have professional, State Certified Master Plumbers with years of experience to take care of your drain problems. We are the Plumber in Sarasota who will give you an honest evaluation of your problem.  We can show you why you had a stoppage, with our state of the art video cameras.   They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is so true, when you can see what is causing a stoppage in your sewer line.

If a Sarasota Plumber comes to your home and clears your stoppage, but cannot or does not show you what caused the problem, how do you know if will be fixed or will it stop up again in the near future?  Experience is different than knowledge.  You can read about things, like how to unstop a drain, that’s knowledge.  To actually unstop a drain, that’s experience.  All of our Plumbers at Wimpy’s, have years of experience under their belt.  We don’t send the new guy that only has knowledge to fix your plumbing.

If you were to go in for back surgery, would you want the new guy with knowledge or the doctor who has years of experience cutting on your back?  This analogy holds true for plumbing in your home also.  The drainage system in your house, is the heart of your home.  Remember, knowledge can make you a tradesperson, but only experience can make you an expert.

Schedule on line at Loveyourplumber.com or call 941-322-1911 to have an experienced Sarasota Plumber at your door, 24/7 for your emergency needs.  Once you have used Wimpy’s, you will know why people ask their friends if they love their plumber.

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Signs of Poor Water Quality

November 7th, 2016

Glass of water.We all want to believe that the water coming from our faucets is of the highest quality. In many cases, though, this is just not the case. Water quality problems can stem from a number of different sources. The problem could be with the supply itself. It could also have something to do with your plumbing system, or the condition of your main water line. 

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The Benefits of Trenchless Technology

October 31st, 2016

PVC pipeIf you think the fact that your sewer and water lines are buried beneath the ground means that they are protected, think again. There are still plenty of problems that can develop with these pipes. Sometimes, cleaning them out can restore them to proper functionality. Other times, repairs or even replacements are necessary.

Now, you may be thinking that a sewer or water line replacement or the repair of these pipes is a huge undertaking. While it is definitely still a big job, and one that only professional plumbers can handle, there is technology that takes a lot of the headache out of the procedure. Work with us, and take advantage of all that trenchless technology in Siesta Key, FL has to offer.

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How Does Hot Water Recirculation Work?

October 24th, 2016

TEST_IMAGEMore and more homeowners are looking for ways in which to boost energy efficiency in their homes these days. Sure, upgrading your appliances and HVAC systems with more efficient models is one way to do it. There are other issues at hand, though, that cannot be resolved by simply replacing existing equipment. Integrating an innovative new system into your home can help.

That is why you may want to consider the installation of a hot water recirculation system in Sarasota, FL. Using such a system helps you to avoid water waste that you may not even realize is taking place, let alone the impact it has on your bills. Read on, and remember to schedule your plumbing services with our team. 

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