Sewer Line Issues

Do I Need a New Sewer Line?

We get calls regularly from people who are wondering if they need a new sewer line. It can be hard to know for sure, because sewer lines rarely become completely blocked, but there are some things we look for when we are evaluating them.

Are all of your drains slow or backing up? A single problem drain, or even several problem drains in one bathroom, usually indicates a clog somewhere in the plumbing in the house. But when all of your drains are acting up, that indicates a problem further down the line, most likely in your sewer.

Do you have damp spots in your basement? If you see signs of water in your basement, most likely around the drains, or you can smell sewage down there, it’s time to get your sewer line looked at. A broken or backed up sewer line can cause sewage to backflow up the drains and into your home, which can cause a lot of damage. Dampness and odors in the basement are usually the first signs that something is about to be very wrong.

Do you have damp, foul smelling spots in your yard? If your sewer line has burst, water will flow into the soil under your yard. If you have places in your yard that are always inexplicably wet, it’s a good idea to call a plumber. If these places also smell like sewage, it’s time to call them extra fast.

Only a professional plumber will be able to tell you what, exactly, is going on in your sewer. It’s never a good idea to attempt sewer work on your own, because the sludge inside can carry dangerous bacteria. We’d be happy to examine your sewer lines and let you know what needs to happen to fix them. Call Wimpy’s Plumbing at (941) 322-1911 or make your appointment on our website.

Sewer Repair Options – Trench VS Trenchless

If you need to have your sewer lines repaired or replaced, you have a couple of options for how that can be done. The traditional way is to dig a trench along the sewer line, or along the section of it that needs repair. This allows good access to the line, though it can also involve the removal of trees, shrubs, sidewalks, driveways and more, in order to get to the entire line.

Trenchless technology is newer, and it permits access to your sewer lines without the hassle and headache of digging a trench. The first step in this process is usually to use a camera to look at the inside of your sewer pipes. This allows us to see what has gone wrong, and to determine what needs to be done to repair or replace your pipes.

Then, there are ways to a pipe without digging a trench. A plumber simply digs a hole on either side of the leak. He then pulls a pipe liner through the existing pipe, inflates it, and lets it harden. When the process has done, you basically have a new pipe without any hassle at all.

For sewer replacement, your plumber will use a winch to pull a new pipe into place and take out the old one. It can even grind the old one up if your plumber’s winch uses a pipe-bursting head, and then no one has to dispose of the broken material.

No matter what type of work your sewer needs, there are ways to do it without digging up your yard. If you need a sewer repair or replacement and you’d like to look into using trenchless technology to facilitate it, give us a call. At Wimpy’s Plumbing, we have all of the capabilities mentioned above and more, so we can do what needs to be done to your sewer without disrupting your life. Call us at (941) 322-1911 or schedule online today.

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