When the air conditioning goes out in your Sarasota, FL home, you know you’re in trouble. It gets so hot in Sarasota and it can be hard to live well when your A/C unit isn’t working. At Wimpy’s, we can help. We offer air conditioning repair in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding areas, and you can always count on us to help keep you cool no matter how high the mercury rises. We’ll send out one of our expert HVAC technicians to figure out what has gone wrong and get it set right for you quickly.

We pride ourselves on being the HVAC company that so many people call every time they have an air conditioning question or a need. After all, our technicians don’t just see their work as a job. Instead, it’s a way to help people live their best lives. Hot, sweaty people are often unhappy people, so we work hard to get you comfortable again so you can be happy.

Signs You Need an HVAC Tech

air conditioning repair sarasota flWhen your air conditioning just stops working, it’s easy to recognize that you need an HVAC tech soon. However, there are some other issues that you can have with your air conditioning that indicate that it needs repair, too. Sometimes, if you address these before they become major issues, you can save yourself the hassle of being entirely without A/C for a while.

  • Your A/C blows cold air, but it doesn’t cool your home. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, then it’s either not large enough to do the job or it’s not cooling the air enough. Some people feel like they can’t call us when the unit is blowing cool air, even if that cool air isn’t making their home much cooler. That’s not true! Let us know and we’ll figure out why your unit isn’t cooling effectively.
  • Your A/C starts out blowing cold air, but the air gets warmer. If your unit isn’t cooling well, it may not be able to keep up with the hot Sarasota summers. If you notice that the air coming out gets warmer as the day goes one, give us a call.
  • Your A/C never turns off. Ideally, your air conditioner will run for a while, then turn off while your home heats back up a little. Then it will run again, and continue the cycle as long as it needs to. If your A/C is running all the time, then something is wrong. It’s either not cooling effectively or the thermostat isn’t regulating it correctly. Either way, we can fix it for you so it doesn’t burn out its motor trying to cool your home.
  • The sooner you have your system serviced, the more money you will save on repairs. Having minor problems addressed promptly could also reduce your operating costs and lower your energy bills. Whenever you need air conditioning repair in Sarasota FL, give us a call. Our technicians are experts who love their jobs, so it’s easy for them to be polite, treat your home as if it were their own, and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Let us show you why so many people in Sarasota call Wimpy’s!


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