technician performing air conditioning repair near me sarasota, flSuffering through the summer heat in Florida without an air conditioner is simply inconceivable. If you need A/C repair in Sarasota, FL, call us at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air right away. We promise to send an experienced technician from our Sarasota AC Company to your home ASAP. Your air conditioning service expert will find your problem and fix it fast so you can get comfortable again.

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Do I Need HOME AC Repair in SARASOTA Right Now?

Is your AC unit or system dead? Then it’s probably clear that you need air conditioning repair in Sarasota right away. However, there are other problems we can fix, too. Call us when one of these pops up and we’ll try to fix your A/C before the cold air goes away completely:

  • You hear unusual sounds
  • Your air conditioner won’t turn off
  • Your air conditioner goes on and off so fast that it doesn’t get a chance to cool your house
  • Your air conditioner doesn’t respond when you change the temperature on your thermostat
  • Your cooling bills seem sky-high, or they keep going up even though you aren’t using the unit any more than usual
  • Your air conditioner leaks
  • The air coming out of your vents is warm or lukewarm
  • You are too warm at home even when the A/C unit seems to be working normally

ac repair sarasota fl - Asian family eating dinnerAt Wimpy’s, we’ll perform any air conditioning repair in Sarasota that you need. No matter what happens, we’ll have it handled and we’ll get your A/C running again as soon as we can! If your unit is beyond repair, we may suggest air conditioning replacement; but we’ll always explain everything and go over your options with you. We’ll also provide you with some A/C maintenance tips to help prevent your unit from needing repairs in the future.

EMERGENCY AC Repair in Sarasota

Most air conditioning problems only get worse as time goes by. Some homeowners put A/C repair off because they hope everything will get better. Usually, that doesn’t happen. Don’t wait for an emergency (though we do offer emergency A/C repair in Sarasota) before giving our air conditioning repair company a call.


In order to stay cool this summer, call us at Wimpy’s as soon as you realize you need air conditioning repair in Sarasota, FL. Our skilled techs will be there soon, ready to do whatever it takes to get your air conditioner running well again. Call to make your appointment for Sarasota air conditioner repair today!

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