Reverse Osmosis Service

You have many options available to you for purifying and filtering your home’s water. Absorption filters are among the most common, but they cannot treat all the pollutants flowing through the water that enters your house. To deal with tiny contaminants, you might need a more powerful water treatment device. In many cases, a reverse osmosis filtration system will do the job.

The water treatment professionals in the Sarasota, FL area at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air offer complete services for reverse osmosis systems.

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Contaminants Reverse Osmosis Systems Remove

The semipermeable membrane can remove more dissolved inorganic solids from water than a standard filter, trapping pollutants down to .001 microns in size. Here are some of the impurities that these systems will block from entering your freshwater plumbing: sodium, iron, zinc, cadmium, mercy, arsenic, magnesium, nickel, cyanide, fluoride, nitrate, potassium, phosphate, iron, calcium, and chloride. Many of these impurities will slip through standard filters, but a reverse osmosis filter can stop them.

  • magnesium
  • nickel
  • cyanide
  • fluoride
  • sodium
  • iron
  • zinc
  • cadmium
  • nitrate
  • potassium
  • phosphate
  • iron
  • calcium
  • chloride
  • mercy
  • arsenic

How Reverse Osmosis Systems Work

The scientific principle behind these systems is osmosis, which is the movement of molecules through a semipermeable membrane into an area of lower concentration. In practice, a reverse osmosis system is placed onto the water line entering the house, where it creates two areas of differing pressure with a membrane about the thickness of cellophane between them. The incoming water is at higher pressure, and osmosis forces it through the semipermeable membrane. The membrane only allows water to pass through it, however, and traps impurities on the other side. The impurities are flushed out, and clean water continues through the water pipes.


You cannot install or service one yourself unless you have professional training. When you think your home needs water treatment that’s more powerful than a few filters attached to faucets, call Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air. We have water treatment specialists who will help you with finding a reverse osmosis system that will eliminate the worries you have regarding your water.


Our water treatment experts at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air also provide complete services for repairs. Although these are powerful devices manufactured with the best technology, they can still suffer from occasional faults, and when this happens you must call in professionals. Should you encounter any operating trouble with yours, give us a call.


Reverse osmosis filtration systems require regular maintenance visits. Give us a call and we’ll take care of it. Like many filtration systems, reverse osmosis filters need to have routine maintenance in order to keep them working their best and to flush out any impurities caught in the membrane.

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