How to Install a Window AC Unit the Right Way

window ac units in sarasota flAre you ready to install a window A/C unit but you’re not sure where to start? While the installation is straightforward, it’s important to do it correctly so you get maximal cooling and a minimum of problems. Here’s how to install a window AC unit the right way!

Measure Carefully

Even if you already have your window A/C, measure it before you start installing it. Make absolutely sure that it fits in the window frame you’ve chosen. Check height as well as width to ensure that the unit will fit all the way around.

Check Your Window

For most window A/C units, the window needs to open vertically, not horizontally, or with a crank or a lever. The window should be shaded at least part of the day so the air conditioner doesn’t have to work any harder than is absolutely necessary. It should also be free of rot and should be completely sturdy before you trust it with an air conditioning unit.

Install a Bracket

If possible, get a bracket to bear part of the weight of the A/C unit so it’s not all resting on your window. This can also help you adjust the angle of the air conditioner to keep it working well. Install the bracket according to the instructions on the packaging as each one will be a little different.

Place the AC Unit

Get a helper to aid you in placing the air conditioner in your window. Even if you are strong, having another person allows you to make precise corrections. Make sure you check the A/C’s packaging for specific placement instructions.

Finish the Job

Close the window down on top of the air conditioner with proper placement of the A/C’s flange. Install an L-shaped bracket to make sure the window won’t get opened accidentally, as well as any other screws or brackets to hold it in place. Extend the accordion panels from each side of the unit toward the wall and secure them. Use a foam insulating strip to fill in any gaps.

Test Your New Air Conditioner

Turn on your new air conditioner and make sure it is cooling effectively. If it isn’t, contact the manufacturer to get some help. Once your new unit is installed, make sure you maintain it and know how to clean your air conditioner to keep it functioning its best.

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