Don’t Let the Holidays Be too Tough on Your Garbage Disposal

With the holiday season getting into swing, homeowners throughout the country are gearing up for friends, family–and food! Sitting around the table with those closest to you and sharing a big, home cooked meal is really one of the great pleasures in life. Of course, the inevitable cleanup after the festivities is not quite as pleasurable.

Your garbage disposal  can really help to facilitate the cleanup process after a big holiday gathering. Just remember that these devices do have their limitations. Let us remind you of a few materials that should be kept out of your garbage disposal, and some tips for a successful operation so you don’t have to invite a professional plumber in Sarasota to your holiday dinner.

  • Keep hard items, like bones and fruit pits, out of the disposal. They can damage the grinding mechanism if you try to dispose of them this way.
  • Throw very fibrous foods in the trash or compost bin. Celery stalks, artichoke leaves, and other such materials can get wrapped up in the moving parts of the disposal, straining the motor and potentially causing problems.
  • Don’t pour grease or fat down the drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, these liquids should be poured off and thrown in the trash. Why? Because they congeal when they cool, and clog up your drains.
  • Consider freezing some vinegar in order to clean your garbage disposal. The ground up pieces of ice can help to scour the grinding mechanism.
  • Don’t reach your hand down the drain to free up a clog or blockage. If your garbage disposal grinds to a halt, use a pair of tongs or pliers to remove any obvious blockage. Using your fingers can result in serious injury if the disposal should start up when the item is removed.

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