Faucet handle doesn’t turn hot in the shower.

The faucet handle in your shower that controls hot and cold water coming out of your shower head, has been a popular complaint lately.  Customers call up our office and say that when they turn the faucet handle to hot, it does not get hot.  Is this happening to you?

Our team of plumbers can either explain to you how to fix it yourself or we would be able to send a professional plumber to your home to fix the faucet handle that doesn’t turn hot in your shower.

With the newer style positemp cartridges or the thermostatic mixing,tub/shower cartridges that the manufacturers are using in their tub and shower valve bodies, there is far greater chance of them getting calcified from hard water and not function properly.  When the cartridge gets calcified, it can cause the valve not to work properly, thus the problem of the faucet handle doesn’t turn hot.

This calcification is a slow process and one day, it’s the straw that breaks the camels’ back, so to speak.  When this happens, you will not get hot water out of your shower valve.  This is where maintaining your plumbing system comes in.

The water in Sarasota,Florida comes from our aquifer.  It contains calcium and magnesium.  These minerals make the water hard.  The best thing you can do for your plumbing is to not have these minerals stick to any parts of your plumbing or appliances.  To do this, you can either soften the water or condition the water.  The professionals at Wimpy’s Plumbing will be able to explain which would be better for your specific conditions.

Whether you are on your own private well or you have city or county central water, you should be concerned with your water quality.  You would see a lot less of your plumber since your faucet handle would get hot water a whole lot longer before it needed repair, if you had conditioned or softened water.

Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air, is the Plumbing Company that will test your water at no charge and give you an honest evaluation to address your specific needs.

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