Home Inspections, Do They find Everything That’s Wrong?

Home Inspections, by home inspectors, do they find everything that is wrong?  You and your spouse have finally agreed that the house you were just shown is THE one.  You picture yourself in the dining room, having breakfast as you see the sun coming up.  The house has a large work area for your hubby, to keep him out of your hair for a while.  There is the smell of fresh paint, new cabinets, new flooring, wow, just perfect.  The kitchen has just been redone, and the color of the granite top is just what you would of picked out.

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So, you both agree this is the house you should buy.  After all, everything is new!  BEWARE.   During the buying process,  the lender will require a home inspector to look over the house.  This is a good thing.  The home you are fixing to invest in for and your children needs to be looked over.  This way you can be prepared for unexpected expenses that could be thousands of dollars.

In my experience of customers that have bought homes, who had home inspections by home inspectors, they find things wrong.  Which is great.  Now you know.  But occasionally, and more often than not, especially on older homes, inspectors don’t inspect the heart of the plumbing system.  This would be the drainage and waste lines.

Sarasota Plumbers essential for Older Home Inspections

Most home inspectors are not Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractors.  They may be able to flush the water closet and it flushes.   But does that mean when a family moves in and puts heavy use on an old cast iron drainage system, that it will work then?  Or will there be main line stoppages, because the waste lines themselves were not inspected?

If you are serious about the home you are buying,  you should have a licensed master plumber camera your waste lines.  He can give you a professional opinion on how much more life is left, of the heart of your plumbing system.  He can also tell you how much it will cost to replace the waste lines if they are beyond repair.  This would be great to know before signing the dotted line.

How’s the old saying go?  A picture is worth a thousand words.

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