Integrity, Does Your Sarasota Plumber Have It?

Integrity, does your Sarasota Plumber have it?  Can you ask your plumbers’ professional opinion about your plumbing system and get an honest answer?  Or do you have to wonder if what he is proposing to do is just for his benefit?

Integrity, does your Sarasota Plumber have it?  Its’ been said, that the definition of integrity is; what you do when no one is looking.  I think that is a pretty true statement.  There are times when you need to call a plumber and you just cannot be on the job site, due to various reasons.  So when the plumber calls you to tell you what has to be done, you can only hope that he is being honest with you.

Integrity, does your Sarasota Plumber have it?  If you could not be at the job, did he send you pictures or a video of the condition of your plumbing to confirm what he is telling you?  Do you know him well enough to trust what he is telling you?  Is he giving you options and recommending  long term solutions to your persistent plumbing problems?

We Don’t Bandaid Plumbing Problems

Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air has to turn down jobs occasionally, due to our integrity.  The jobs we do turn down are because someone buys a house to flip and wants to band aid the plumbing problems of a fifty year old house.  We don’t band aid plumbing problems.  Because the next family that buys that house is faced with persistent plumbing problems that just got passed on, and our name would be on the project as the plumber who last worked on it.

We want happy customers.  The way we keep happy customers is to exceed their expectations.  Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air of Sarasota, strives to exceed our customers expectations.  We pride ourselves on our integrity.

The next time that you need a plumber in Sarasota, Bradenton or the Lakewood Ranch area, treat yourself to a Plumbing company with integrity.  Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air. Call 941-322-1911 or schedule online at


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