How to find a cheap, affordable plumber in Sarasota or Bradenton?

Yes, is the answer to that question.  In a perfect world people want plumbing to be cheap and affordable.  However, the cheapest guy could end up costing you the most.  It could be the handyman who thinks he knows how to do plumbing because he replaced  flapper in his toilet.  Did you know that with toilets today , there are more than 30 different flappers for all the different toilets that are being made?  No longer does one flapper fit all.  Also. some toilet tank parts have become very intricate, requiring a professional who knows how they work and can properly diagnosis the problem.

Plumbing requires a license.  To get a license one has to go through an apprenticeship training, take a test and prove themselves to the State of Florida.  Without the proper training, one cannot totally understand the purpose of vents, venting, proper pitch of waste piping, fixture load on a system, why traps are necessary and what the proper distance is to run different pipe sizes.

The first requirement of a plumber is to protect the health of the nation.  The “wanna be” guy, who set a vanity for you or the handy man fella you called because he said he could fix your plumbing, probably doesn’t know the plumbing code, so he doesn’t know if what he did is legal and not to mention safe, because remember, the plumbers job is to protect the health of the nation. Professional plumbers take this very seriously.  Handyman, not so much.  Who do you really want working on your plumbing system?  Plumbing is the heart of the home.  Without plumbing, can you imagine the sanitation nightmare.  How about clean water?  Plumbers, you need a real one.  Also, you need an honest plumber.  Someone who can explain your options when you need a repair done and recommend what is safe and in your budget.

Nobody wants to call a doctor, but when you need one you want the best, not the cheapest.  Same with a plumber.  You want their professional expertise. You may need their specialized tools, their fully stocked truck and their undivided attention.  You also may want your doctor to have insurance in case something unexpected happens.  Wouldn’t you want the same of your plumber in Bradenton FL?

Shopping for the cheapest plumber, may just cost you more money in the end.  Do yourself a favor, save yourself some headaches and hire a professional licensed plumber.

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