Leaking Pipe Under House When Using Kitchen

Leaking pipe under house when using kitchen plumbing in Sarasota, was what a customer called with yesterday.  She said that when she runs the kitchen sink, she sees water under her house.  Her house had a crawl space underneath it so she could see the water puddling up.

Now if this is something you are experiencing also, then there is is good chance that you will need to call a Professional Plumber to make the needed repair.  You want to beware of calling a handyman to fix your plumbing drain line under the house.  Depending on the condition of the waste piping under your home, a handyman may cause more pipes to break, because he doesn’t realize how brittle the old lines can become.

Call in a Sarasota Plumbing Company who has the necessary expertise and years of knowledge in dealing with old kitchen plumbing in Sarasota and the wisdom to give you right choice in repairing your plumbing  waste lines.

Some of the handymen who call themselves Plumbers or who say they can fix it, will probably just put a “bandaid” on it, instead of making a proper repair.  This will only cause you to have to pay again when the bandaid doesn’t work.

Kitchen plumbing in Sarasota homes that were built before 1980, will have cast iron waste and vent lines.  Generally, cast iron pipes will need attention after being used for forty years.  The seventy and eighties don’t seem like a long time ago, but do the math.  It is 2016 now, and the cast iron is just getting older.  Nothing lasts forever.

You need a Plumbing Company in Sarasota, who knows cast iron plumbing.  We put a lot of it in, back in the day.  Everything from a lead and oakum connection, to the no-hub band connection.  Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air is Sarasota’s expert old plumbing repair specialist.  You can count on us to give you an honest estimate of the repairs needed to fix the leak under your house when you run your kitchen sink.

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