My Shower Head Leaks, What’s wrong?

showerhead leak

If your shower head still leaks when you turn off your shower or tub valve, You may need to call a licensed professional plumber in the Lakewood Ranch area to service your shower or tub valve.

Before you call a Sarasota plumber, here are a few things to check:

1)  Have you changed your shower head to a rain head or other large head?  These styles hold a lot of residual water that may cause you to think your valve doesn’t turn off completely.  If the valve is working properly, the water will stop dripping after one or two minutes.

2)   Think back to when the valve was new.  It probably worked very smooth and easy.  If it takes force to turn your valve on, or it is hard to pull in and out, it needs servicing.  Over time, because the water in Sarasota and Bradenton has lime and calcium minerals in it, these minerals create hard water.  This leaves deposits on the working mechanisms of your valves.  This causes your faucet to slowly freeze up and not work as smooth as it used to. This happens slowly over time.  the change is so gradual, that you don’t notice it, until the faucet doesn’t turn off or you can’t twist it or pull it.

3)  Have your Sarasota Plumber or your Bradenton Plumber check all of your faucets when he comes to your house.  As a professional he will know how the valve is supposed to feel and can make you aware of any potential problems.

4)  You will Love Your Plumber if he gives you an alternative to hard water, which is soft water.  Soft water will save you money on future plumbing repairs.

At Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air, we want you to Love Your Plumber.  We will check all of your valves and give you all of your options.  Call the professionals, Wimpy’s has Florida State Certified Licensed Master Plumbers at your service. or 941-322-1911.   Call today, Wimpy’s Plumbing always gives estimates and honest, second opinions.

We want you to Love Your Plumber!


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