My Sink is Clogged Up, What should I Do?

My sink is clogged up, what should I do?  This type of call comes into every Plumbers office on a daily occurrence.  Sometimes it is the kitchen sink and one side of it drains, but the other side does not.  Other times it may be the bathroom sink that is clogged up or does not drain well.

My sink is clogged up, what should I do?  This is how it is explained to the customer service representative who answers the phone.  First thing to do is to determine which sink in the house they are referring too.  As our office asks questions like, how long has this been happening, which sink is it it, how old is the house, what have you tried to unclog the sink with, is this a re-occurring problem?  This is all helpful information a Professional Plumber would like to know if possible.

My sink is clogged up, what should I do?  Depending on the answers to the above  questions, it can and will help determine the course of action our Florida State Certified Licensed Master Plumbers will take to unstop your clogged sink.  Sometimes theses clogged sinks can be a minor plumbing problem or they can turn into major plumbing repairs.  It is best to have a Professional Plumber evaluate your particular situation.  Unclogging a drain with a snake can turn into a nightmare quickly for a homeowner trying to unstop their own drain line.

Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air has been unclogging sinks, tubs and toilets for the past forty three years in Sarasota, Florida.  And a whole lot of those clogs were attempted by the handyman or the homeowner.  We have saved our customers quite a bit of money by having the latest equipment and the newest technology to get them out of a jamb, such as when they get a snake or cable stuck in the drain.

Unclogging a sink should not be on the “honey dew” list.  This should be left to the professional at Wimpy’s.  Call or visit our website to schedule an appointment about your clogged sink.  Find out why our customers they Love Their Plumber!

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