My Sink Stopper is Stuck Closed

lavatory stopper

My sink stopper is stuck closed and company is coming over! Our plumbers in Sarasota hear this often. Most of the time, people are referring to the sink in their bathroom.  They try to open the stopper but nothing happens.  This problem may be occurring due to the following reasons:

1) The clip that holds the horizontal lever to the vertical lift rod has come off.

2)  The horizontal lever attached to the pop-up assembly, if made from steel,  has rusted away.

3)  The pop-up plug it itself has a broken end.

The first problem is fairly easy to fix.  One just has to get under the sink and find the clip, then put it back on.  The clip may need to be stretched out a bit, so it doesn’t come off again.

The second cause is because steel and water make rust.  In plumbing systems, steel is not our friend.  Steel does not belong in a plumbing system, however it is there because it is cheaper than brass.  Brass will last!

You may be able to get a new steel lever from the manufacturer, but a new brass pop-up assembly is the preferred method of repair.

The third reason may be the end of the plug is broken.  If this is the case, you will need to replace the pop-up assembly.

Aside from providing a wide variety of plumbing services, our plumbing company in Sarasota, FL carries clips, rods and brass pop-up assemblies in a variety of different finishes, on our fully stocked plumbing trucks.

We always offer products that will stand the test of time, because quality doesn’t costs, it pays.  We want to show you the difference quality can make, when choosing plumbing fixtures for your home.

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