My Toilet is Stopped Up and Overflowing.

clogged toilet

My toilet is stopped up and over flowing. What a mess that can be.  Does this happen to you when you have company?

My toilet is stopped and overflowing is a common complaint that Plumbers in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch get around the holidays.  That’s when guests come and your plumbing system starts working at maximum capacity.

My toilet is stopped up and overflowing is not something you need or want, especially when your guest are over for a festive occasion.  It is usually somewhat embarrassing for your guests to have to tell you that your toilet is stopped up.  Worse than that, is if they don’t tell you and the next guest flushes and it overflows all over the floor.

This can all be prevented if you know that your pipes are clean and that your toilet has been maintained.  Your plumbing system is the heart of your home.  And just like a heart, it needs a check-up, so the unexpected doesn’t happen, like your toilet overflowing when your guests are there.  Calling a Plumber in the middle of your party is like calling the ambulance, it can certainly put a damper on the holiday spirit.

If you notice your toilet acting sluggish or maybe it has always been sluggish.  When the water in the bowl just kind of keeps going around and around and you hope it goes down.  Some of you know what I mean.

Have your plumber check your toilet and your pipes.  Toilets should just flush without having to wonder if it is going to overflow.  Peace of mind is much better than having to worry about whether or not your plumbing system is up to working at maximum capacity for the upcoming holidays.

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