My Washing Machine Hose Burst and Won’t Come Off, What Do I Do?

Maybe you and your spouse just bought a new washing machine and it’s going to be delivered in two or three days. You are checking out what needs to be moved for the installation guys and you happen to look at the valves where the washing machine hoses connect.  You may notice that the connections are all corroded or green and just nasty looking.  Are you thinking, I hope these installation guys know plumbing?  Chances are, they know enough to tell you to call a plumber to have the corroded valves changed, so they can hook up your new washing machine and leave it with no leaks.

washing machine hose leak

The most common item that floods peoples home is a burst washing machine hose.  This can easily be prevented by just inspecting both washing machine hoses from end to end.  You want to check that there are no bubbles in the hoses and the connections on each end, especially the end connected to the shut-off valve, is clean with no signs of corrosion. Also, make sure the shut-off valves work.  If they don’t turn off and on, or leak when you do turn them, it is time to replace them.

Your valves may turn off and on, but you can’t unscrew the hoses.  Sometimes, you can cut the hose connection with a hacksaw and split the connection on the hose.  However, it would be best to replace the old valves with new ball valves.  Ball valves are by far, the best option for washing machine valves.  They make it easy to turn the water on and off.  A single lever washing machine valve would look nicer and operate even easier.

Since a burst washing machine hose can cause catastropic  damage to a home, even the well known insurance company, Geico, recommends that you replace your washing machine hoses every five years.  I recommend you inspect your hoses monthly, so you are in the habit of checking them.  When you do replace them, the choices are rubber hoses or stainless steel braided hoses.  Even though the stainless steel braided hoses still have rubber inside them, they prevent the burst hose from shooting water.  Washing machine hoses should be replaced every five years or sooner if you see signs of corrosion or leaks.

Another new item on the market, is a flood stop hose.  There have been issues with these hoses not letting the water into the machine even from brand new. Great idea, still needs improvement.

If you need help checking or replacing your washing machine hoses or shut-off valves, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air is ready to serve you in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and Myakka city  area.  


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