Our Plumbers are Cheap, Honest, Professional, Experienced, Clean cut and Dependable.

Plumbers. When you need a plumber, you want one that will be cheap, honest, professional, experienced, clean cut and dependable, right?  And don’t you want the Plumber coming to your house to be someone that your afraid to let in your front door?  You need to ask yourself, would I be okay in recommending this Plumbing Company or guy they sent, to my Mom, Sister or close friend?

If you were not impressed with the firm you choose and they sent you someone really scary looking or you perceived the impression that he didn’t know what he was doing, then I know that you didn’t call Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air.  Sometimes it is really hard for a Plumbing Company in Sarasota or Bradenton to give you all of the qualifications you desire, but some people are just hung up on price alone.

If you haven’t maintained the plumbing in your home, then it will probably cost more to fix something. It’s like going to the dentist every 20 years.  Since you did not maintain with regular check ups, the Dentist found a whole lot of things wrong with your teeth.  And then you say, boy that Dentist was expensive.

Plumbers are the same way.  Like your teeth, if you don’t maintain your plumbing system with regular check ups, then it will be more expensive when you call with a plumbing problem.  At Wimpy’s, our employees, from our office staff to our Master Plumbers will give you that great first impression.  From then on we will only exceed you expectations!  We want to be referred to your Mom, Sister and close friend.  We want you to mean it when you quote our web site address;

We stand behind everything we do. That’s why our middle name is Dependable.  That’s how we have stayed in the Plumbing business under the same owner in Sarasota for over 43 years.  You need to find out why people LoveTheir Plumber!  Call today for plumbing today. 941-322-1911.


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