Dust Free Concrete Cutting

Cutting concrete is sometimes necessary when you are remodeling your kitchen or bath.  The only way to keep the surroundings areas dust free, is to use a dust free concrete cutting system. Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air relies on the Hilti Dustless Technology System.  This system is 99.9% dust free.  It is an electric saw that will cut 4″ concrete without using any protective covers or zip walls.  Water is Not used, so there is no concrete mud slurry.  Hilti, uses a special vacumn system that collects all the dust.

When Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air has to cut concrete dust free, in a customers home, we can assure them 100%, that 99.9% of the dust will be contained with the Hilti Dustless Technology System.

Sarasota Plumbers Perform Dust-Free Concrete Cutting

Check out our Youtube video of us cutting concrete dust free inside the Men’s Wearhouse, while they were open during the remodel.

Notice that we did not have to protect anything.  There was no dust.  One has to be confident to cut concrete without any protection around all of those black tuxedos.  With our Hilti Dust Free Concrete cutting system, we have the confidence.

If you have ever seen concrete being cut, you either saw an incredible cloud of dust that is so fine it gets all over everything, or you saw a slurry of concrete mud from being cut wet.  The concrete mud slurry ends up getting tracked everywhere you walk in the house.  And the wet cut is called a clean-cut.

The only way to clean cut concrete is to use the Hilti Dustless Technology system.  This truly is a dust free, clean cut way Wimpy’s uses to cut concrete in the Sarasota, Bradenton area.

If you want to relocate the kitchen sink, bathtub or toilet in your home, but dreaded the concrete cutting dust or mud slurry call Wimpy’s.  We will keep your home dust free, why?  We want you to love your plumber in Sarasota!

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