6 Ways to Prepare Your AC Unit for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 every year. This is a long season but you can get your Sarasota air conditioning through it when you follow these steps. That way, you may avoid storm-related AC repair in Sarasota

A hurricane in the horizon
  1. Precool your home. If you know that a storm is coming and you’ll probably lose power, make sure your home is cool before that storm hits. This won’t get you through an entire week without power, but it will help you stay cool for as long as possible. Try not to go in and out too much while the power is out, because you’ll let the hot air in.
  2. Turn off the electricity at your AC unit. Use your breaker panel to do this. Find the right breaker for your air conditioner and just flick it off. This helps avoid power surge damage to your air conditioning unit.
  3. Cover your AC unit. This keeps limbs and other debris from getting into your air conditioner and causing major damage. You’ll want to use something like plywood, rather than something like a tarp, because this provides more protection and may keep you from losing your air conditioner to the storm and needing an AC replacement in Sarasota. 
  4. Secure your unit. While units have to be strapped down with hurricane straps, many people remove these for various reasons. Make sure these are fully installed again before the storm hits so your air conditioner doesn’t become a projectile. 
  5. Check your AC system before you start it back up. After the storm, make sure that your air conditioner is clean, that the copper lines aren’t cut off, that your unit is right side up, and that it looks like it should work. Uncover your unit, too, or your unit will break as it tries to run.
  6. Reach out to us. Our Sarasota air conditioning experts will get to you as soon as we possibly can to inspect your AC unit or find out why it isn’t running well. Do note that we may not be able to enter certain neighborhoods after the storm until they get cleared by the power companies. We also tend to get overloaded after storms, though we will always make sure that we get to you as soon as we possibly can. 

We won’t charge you after-hours fees or extra service calls when the area is in a state of emergency. If you’re worried that a hurricane has damaged your AC system, we’ll get to you quickly and get things working again for a reasonable price. If you need air conditioner repair or an AC replacement in Sarasota after a storm, we’ll get it done fast. 

Contact us at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air today for Sarasota air conditioning help or to ask us questions about getting your home ready for hurricane season. We are here for all of your cooling needs in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. 


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