Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

Before you hire a plumber, there are a few things you should ask. These help ensure that you choose a great plumber who can take care of your home and get you the solutions you need. If you choose to call us at Wimpy’s, we’d be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have.

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1) Are You Licensed and Insured?

Your plumber should have whatever licenses are required by your state or local area. He should also have insurance to cover any damage to your home or injuries that occur to him and his team while they are in your home. If he doesn’t have this coverage, you may be held financially responsible if someone gets hurt.

2) Do You Have Experience Working on Projects Like Mine?

You want to hire a plumber who has done projects like yours before. You may even want to find one that specializes in them. That way, you’ll know that each decision they make is backed up by years of experience.

3) Do You Have People Who Recommend Your Work?

Ask for recommendations, referrals, and more. Make sure that you hire someone whose work is entirely endorsed by other people. You may find a few negative reviews online but don’t let these scare you off if you get a good feeling about a person or a company. Some people just like to complain!

4) Do You Clean Up After Yourself?

Many plumbers do but some do not. If you’re having major demo work done, you’ll want to make sure your plumber will clean up the mess afterward.

5) What Happens if Something Goes Wrong?

Make sure your plumber has a standard way of dealing with problems. Whether they find more damage than they had originally thought or a repair goes wrong, you want to make sure you hire a plumber who can keep a cool head and work through it.

6) Are you taking any extra precautions during COVID-19 quarantine?

Essential businesses need to be taking whatever precautions they can during this unprecedented time to keep both their customers and employees safe. Ask your plumber what kind of physical distancing and cleaning measures they’re taking (Do they offer payments by phone? How often are they disinfecting their tools and equipment?). Make sure they’re doing their part to help prevent the spread of this coronavirus.

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