Snake Stuck in Tub – What Do I Do?

It was a typical Thursday evening at your house. You may have rented or owned this house for years. You take a shower and everything is normal. Your spouse takes their shower and that’s when you hear them yell for you, to say that the tub is not draining. Well of course you are going to look for yourself, because they must be mistaken. It worked when you were in there. So you go in and sure enough the tub is full of water and not draining. What do you do? Service Plumbers in Sarasota use sewer cables, that people refer to as snakes. Professional Plumbers have all different size cables and various attachments that go on the end of their sewer cable. These sewer cables are powered by an electric motor that spins the cable through the drain. The reason a sewer cable is referred to as a snake is because, the cables are stored coiled. And if one isn’t careful when you uncoil it, it will spring out faster than a rattlesnake and possibly hurt you.

Well, your spouse tells you to fix the tub, because they are not going to stand ankle deep in dirty bath water.
So you go down to the local hardware store to shop for a snake. Do it yourself snakes are not the same as what a Sarasota Plumber would use to snake your tub drain. You look at the different models they have and the prices. You are thinking that I can get by with the smallest, cheapest one they have, because it is only the tub that is stopped up. So you buy it.

Well it is Friday night by now, and you come home from work ready to be a plumber. You pull that new snake out of the box and think how easy this is going to be. You start hand cranking the snake into the tub drain and you get almost two feet of snake into the drain and then it gets really hard. So you crank it harder. Nothing, it goes nowhere. So you try to pull it back out. You can’t, it’s stuck. Your snake is stuck in the tub. The cable is probably all kinked up and knotted in the tub trap under the floor. You pull and you pull, still stuck.
When your spouse comes home, you are no longer the hero, as you ask them to help you pull this stuck snake out of the tub drain. The snake doesn’t budge.

Now you need to call a professional Plumber. Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air has the knowledge, expertise, and proper size sewer cleaning equipment to help you get a stuck snake out of the tub drain.

It is always best to call a Professional Plumber in Sarasota, first. It can save you money and a lot of headache. Sometimes, when a homeowner gets a cable stuck in a drain, it will not come out. Then one has to cut the floor and remove pipe. Don’t let that happen to you. Call Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air. 941-322-1911. We are available 24/7 online!


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