Toilet Seats, Cheap, Good, Better, Bells & Whistles, Wimpy’s Is The Expert.

Toilets seats, cheap, good, better, bells and whistles, Wimpy’s is the expert.  There are a lot of options for toilet seats that were not available years ago.  Back when the only option was just how big to make the hole for your outhouse seat.

Toilet seats can be purchased from $4.99 to $1,800.00.  That’s a pretty wide range of pricing.  What do you get and what is the difference.  Wimpy’s is the expert, to ask about  your toilet seat options and why they are different.

The material the toilet seat is made of makes a difference in the cost of it.  There is a painted wood seat or there are plastic composite seats.  In the plastic line, the difference is how thick the material is.  Have you every sat down on the lid of a toilet seat and it flexed so much that you were afraid you might fall through?  That would be a very inexpensive toilet seat.

Or was the toilet seat moving around on the toilet so much that you felt you were on a rodeo bull?  Sometimes the seat is just not secured properly, however in a lot of cases it is the plastic hinges and plastic nuts and bolts that  are moving , no matter how tight you get them.

Today, we have many choices in price, quality and options.  Some of the options can be a soft close seat.  This style eliminates the slamming of the seat on the toilet.  This is great feature if you have small children who might get their precious little fingers caught under the seat.

If you would like to say goodbye to bathroom odors, the Purefresh toilet seat from Kohler will neutralize odors using a carbon filter for up to six months.  It also has a nightlight that is programmable.  No more fumbling around in the dark, if you don’t want that bright bathroom light on.

Another feature is an overhanging lid that conceals the seat ring, for a clean modern look.  And for those of you that really like to keep things clean, (you know how hard it is to clean around the hinges of a toilet seat) there is the quick release hinges that allow the seat to be removed very easily for cleaning.

If you have children in the potty training age, the best idea for a child’s toilet seat combined with an adult toilet seat is the seat by Kohler called the Transition.  Don’t you dislike moving that portable child’s seat when you want to use the toilet?  The transition seat has it built in.  It’s only a matter of raising another seat.  Quite simple, yet very clean looking.

Now for Father’s Day how about a heated seat that automatically raises itself when you walk up to it and flushes itself and closes the lid when you walk away from it.  It also has a bidet feature and a night light.

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