Toilets, The Good, The Bad , The Ugly.

Toilets, the good, the bad, the ugly.  Years ago, there was a television commercial about tires.  A man named Stanley, would yell out, tires ain’t pretty, to get you to come to his tire store to buy tires.  Some toilets aren’t pretty either.  Toilets are a necessity, but why can’t they be modern looking and flush well too?

I was vacationing with my wife this summer and since toilets are a necessity, we were using the ones in the house we had rented.  Wow, these toilets were not pretty, nor did they flush well.  Not to mention they were water hogs.  Being a Plumbing Contractor in the Sarasota/ Bradenton area, I see a large variety of toilets.  As I flushed the toilets in this house, I first noticed that the handle squeaked when I pushed it.  Second, the toilet sounded like a dying man sucking air for his last breath.  Then it just kinda swirled around and around using a bunch of water.  I had to stand there and wonder if I was going to have to mop up water, if and when, this toilet overflowed.  Also, it was a round front bowl toilet.  For men, the elongated bowl of a toilet is a much better solution.  Also with comfort height toilets readily available, these toilets seemed and were very antiquated. As my wife mentioned to me, they were ugly too.  That made me think of the tire salesman from years ago on television.

Are you thinking, hey he’s describing my toilet?  If so, you should call Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air.  We will talk toilets to you.  As a professional Plumbing Contractor we know the difference  between the good, the bad and the ugly.  Toilets don’t last forever.  Find out how to save money every time you flush your toilet.  Let us help you bring your bathroom up to the 21st century.

Toilets can be pretty, modern looking, flush well and save you money.  Call 941-322-1911 and let us help you pick out the toilet that is right for you!  Or schedule on line at for an estimate.


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