Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet…Ever!

As the toilet paper shortage has gotten worse, we have seen more and more clogs. People are using toilet paper substitutes and putting them down the toilet rather than throwing them away. Unfortunately, these are a major cause of clogs and can cause significant problems for your plumbing. Here’s what you need to now to avoid these!

things you shouldn't flush down the toilet

1) Wipes

Avoid putting any and all wipes down your toilet. This includes wet wipes, cosmetic wipes, and baby wipes. They just don’t disintegrate the way that toilet paper does. Because they don’t fall apart as easily, they will just sit in your lines if they get stuck, rather than slowly coming apart and continuing on down the line. Eventually, they can trap other debris and cause major clogs.

2) Paper Towels & Napkins

These also don’t disintegrate as well as toilet paper does, even though they are still made out of paper! In addition, they can absorb water that comes down your line and cause problems when flushing other items, too. Throw them away if you use them. If they smell, bag them, tie the bag, and put it in your outside trash. It’s a pain but it’s less of a hassle than calling a plumber!

3) Dental Floss

If you’ve ever wanted to make a spider’s web in your pipes, putting dental floss into your plumbing is the perfect way to do that. All it needs to do is get stuck in one place. Slowly, it can create a web that traps other debris and, eventually, makes a sizeable clog in your pipes.

4) Hair

Hair acts similarly to floss. While it will break eventually, it can create massive clogs when you put clumps of hair down the pipes all at once. Strands stick to each other and they can stick to any grease on the sides of your pipes, too. If you want to avoid a smelly, gross mess in your pipes, put your hair in the trash instead!

5) Feminine Products

These not only won’t disintegrate, but they also expand when they get wet. This allows them to catch other debris in your pipes and fill the entire pipe with their bulk. Throw them in the trash where they belong!

Bonus: Medication

While it won’t cause clogs, medication can contaminate the water supply. Keep it out of your pipes and dispose of it properly, instead.

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