Whole Home Water Filtration

What is it?

As the name suggests, whole home water filtration involves installing a system that filters every drop of water that comes through any faucet in your home. While pitcher filters and point of use filters are available, they don’t protect your family’s health or plumbing system the way a whole home filtration system can.

What does it filter out?

Before your water ever makes it to your home, it’s treated with chlorine by your local municipality to kill any bacteria and microorganisms. While that helps keep the water drinkable, that chlorine makes its way from the filtration plant all the way to your house. And while the chlorine levels in our drinking water are deemed safe by the government, more and more families are deciding that they deserve better than the minimum safety level.

In Florida, our ground water is also packed with packed with minerals. Those minerals don’t necessarily pose a threat to our health, but they build up in your plumbing system over time, and put undue stress on your pipes. With enough build up, your pipes will start to crack and leak, which can result in water damage and even flooding.

A whole home water filtration system takes care of both of these problems. It filters out all minerals and chemicals that are in our water, whether they were put their on purpose or not. This means your family is drinking, bathing, and brushing their teeth with water that is as clean as possible.

Why choose a whole home filtration system?

As stated above, there are other solutions like pitcher filters and point of use tap filters. However, these pose two problems. First, they don’t protect your plumbing system like the whole home filter does. Remember, all those minerals in our ground water travel all the way through your pipes before hitting the point of use filter. That means that while your drinking water may be cleaner, you’re still putting your plumbing system at risk of stress caused from mineral buildup.

Second, because they only purify water at one location, you’re still bathing and brushing your teeth with water that’s been laced with chemicals (some of which have even been linked to cancer.) Your family will still be showering in water rife with chlorine and rock, which is still jeopardizing their health.

Peace of Mind

If your family is still bathing and drinking hard, chemically infused water, a whole home water filtration system will help give you and your family some peace of mind. Wimpy’s Plumbing and Air has been building relationships with family’s in the Sarasota area since 1973, and our team of experts are always happy to help your family with any of their plumbing needs. Our team of experts can install, repair, and maintain your whole home water filtration system, and will help educate you every step of the way.

Call us today at 941-322-1911 and we’ll send out one of our highly trained, background check, and drug tested service experts to you for an in home water filtration consultation.


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