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Water Treatment Systems

Wimpy's Plumbing & Air - Water Treatment Systems

One of the unfortunate facts about modern living is that the water that reaches our homes is often poor quality. After going through treatment at a municipal plant, the water can pick up contaminants such as pesticides, chemicals, and minerals through ground-water seepage. This can mean water that is unpleasant tasting, harmful for people’s health, and damaging to plumbing. There are a number of ways to combat these problems, but the most effective is with help from water treatment professionals.

Along with providing top-quality plumbing work, Wimpy's Plumbing & Air is also one of the best water treatment companies in the Sarasota area. We provide water testing and the installation of a variety of different water treatment systems, including water softeners and reverse osmosis filters. Our plumbers also handle maintenance and repairs for these systems. Call a dependable plumber in Sarasota today to schedule an appointment so you can enjoy great water quality in the Sarasota area.

The experts at Wimpy's Plumbing & Air offer installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance for water treatment systems in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas.

Signs You May Need a Water Treatment System

In general, you should arrange for water testing for your home if you’ve never had it done before. Many impurities don’t leave obvious traces, so it’s better to be safe. There are some signs to look for that will tell you when you should call for water testing immediately to see what type of water treatment system is best suited to your needs:

  • Bad tastes and odors: If your water gives off a strange smell (such as "rotten egg" odor) or has a metallic taste, there’s something wrong with it.
  • White, flaky residue on fixtures: These types of deposits are indicative of hard water—high mineral content—that can cause inflict major damage to your plumbing.
  • Turbidity: This refers to the "cloudiness" of your water, and can point to many different types of impurities in the water.
  • Off Color: Rust and issues with purity can give your water an off color.

Why Trust Professional Water Treatment Companies

If you think that you can take care of putting in a water treatment system yourself, you need to rethink your plans. In the first place, you must know exactly what type of system is necessary to deal with the pollutants in your water. A poor system match can lead to ineffective treatment, or even making the water worse. And a botched installation job can cause a drop in water pressure throughout the system or other serious issues in the plumbing. Save time and headaches and call on water treatment experts from the start.

Getting started with superior quality water in your home is simple: just dial the number for Wimpy's Plumbing & Air. We’re experienced with helping people in the Sarasota area with water treatment systems, and we would like to offer the same excellent service to your home. Contact us today and find out why we put "Dependable" in our name.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are many ways to filter out unwanted pollutants from your water, and a reverse osmosis system is one of the most powerful. These systems are capable of removing many of the tiniest of impurities from water, the sort that other filters can miss. But since these are intricate devices, you’ll need our professional services to install, maintain, and repair one.

Water Filtration Systems

There is a wide variety of different filtration systems available to remove contaminants from a water supply. It’s vital that you only call on water treatment specialists to find the one that will work for your home, or else you may end up with major problems in your plumbing. Our plumbers have the training necessary to see that you receive the water filtration your home needs.

Water Softeners

Among the more common of water quality issues is hard water. This means that there is a higher than normal concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium suspended in the water. Hard water will damage plumbing and fixtures unless you have a special whole–house water softener installed. Call us today to arrange for this service.

Water Testing

One of the basic steps of water treatment is to first find out what is creating trouble in your water supply. You can’t do this effectively yourself. Instead, call on our specialists. They will take samples of your water, run it through laboratory tests, and return with a complete rundown of all the issues that you need to address to have cleanest water possible.

Halo 5 Water Conditioning

The Halo 5 Water Conditioning System is a whole–house solution for clean water that uses granular activated carbon, high activity carbon, Filter–AG Plus, and high density garnet filter media for solutions to numerous water quality problems. Call us today to find out more about having one of these fantastic systems installed for your home.

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