Common Causes of Poor Tasting Water

Some people have water coolers in their home that they keep stocked with large bottles via a delivery service. Others depend upon the faucet in the kitchen for their drinking water. Even if you are not exclusively using your faucets for drinking water, you really should not just put up with bad tasting water in your home.

If you are really struggling with foul tasting water in your home, just give your dependable plumber in Sarasota a call. We have a number of solutions that may help, from basic water filtration systems to more advanced water treatment systems in Sarasota, FL.

Does Your Water Have a Sulfuric Odor?

If so, the water traveling to your home may be absorbing hydrogen sulfide in its travels through the ground. This gas has a rotten egg odor, not unlike that of natural gas. When you turn on the faucet, you are basically venting that gas from the tap water.

This problem can be solved by oxidizing the water and then removing the particles from that water. When the gas is turned into elemental sulfur during the oxidation process, the filter can get it out of your drinking water easily.

Does Your Water Taste Like Metal?

This problem could be caused by a few different issues. Copper and iron are likely culprits, and they are not harmful (though they can turn your water an alarming color in high enough quantities). Metals like lead, however, can prove to be dangerous. Regardless of whether or not the metallic taste suggests a health risk, you should be drinking clean water that tastes great! We’ll help you to do so.

Does Your Water Taste Bitter or Salty?

While water coming from the municipal supply is treated and filter, it is possible for dissolved solids to remain. The best way to ensure that your water tastes as great as possible is to treat it right when it is entering your home. From salty flavors to noxious odors, the plumbers at Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air will find the solutions that you need to enjoy water of a higher quality.

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