My Toilet Won’t Flush, Could It Be My Septic Tank?

toiletA lot of folks think that when their toilet doesn’t flush and they are on a septic tank, that they should have the tank pumped out and that will fix the problem.  Pumping your septic tank is usually not the answer.  But now you have spent the money, your problem is still there, and your upset that you have to call a plumber.

Before you pump the septic tank, get a professional Sarasota plumbing company to evaluate your particular situation.

There are a number of reasons your toilet may not flush.  A lot of times we find the outlet filter on the septic tank needs cleaned.  This is a very inexpensive fix.  Some plumbers mistake the clogged filter as a drainfield problem and want to replace your drainfield.  Make sure you get an honest, professional plumber that has your best interest at heart to help you out with any bathroom plumbing or septic services you need!

Septic System Care Suggestions by Sarasota Plumbers

Septic systems do need care.  Here are some don’ts:

  • Don’t drive over your tank and drainfield or compact the soil in any way.
  • Don’t dig around the tank or drainfield, or build anything over it, and don’t cover it with a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt.
  • Don’t plant anything over or near the drainfield except grass.  roots from nearby trees and shrubs may clog and damage the drain lines.
  • Don’t use your garbage disposal like a goat.  Limit its usage.  Disposals increase solids loading by about 50%
  • Don’t use your toilet as a trash can or poison your system with harmful chemicals.  Chemicals kill bacteria that help purify the wastewater.
  • Don’t waste money on septic tank additives.  The bacteria needed to treat wastewater is naturally present in sewage.  Additives can re-suspend solids causing your drainfield to clog.  Additives do not eliminate the need for routine pumping of your tank.
  • Never enter a septic tank — toxic gases from the tank can kill.

If your system develops problems, get advice you can trust from your Sarasota plumber, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air.  We give honest estimates.

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