Snake Stuck In Tub Drain.

wimpy's dependable plumbingIt is Thursday evening at your house. You may of lived there over twenty years. You go in the bathroom to take a shower after a hard day at work and everything is normal. Then your spouse goes in to take a shower and you hear them yell that the tub is not draining. Well it worked for you, so certainly your spouse is doing something wrong. Low and behold your spouse was right! The tub is stopped up. Your thinking I can fix this. Why pay a Plumber? Tomorrow, you will just go get a snake and unstop your tub.

It’s Friday now and you are at the hardware store shopping for a snake. You find one that looks like it should work, after all, it’s just a tub drain. You arrive home, before your spouse, to fix your tub stoppage. You pull the snake out of the box and put it into the tub drain. You start hand cranking the snake into the tub drain. You get about two feet in and it gets really hard to turn the snake. So you try harder. The snake is not going any further. So you try to pull it out and it does not want to come out. You pull harder, nothing. About this time, your spouse comes home. Now, instead of being the hero, you are asking your spouse to help you pull the snake out, that is stuck in the tub drain. Both of you are pulling with all your might, but the snake is not coming out of the tub drain.

Chances are you have kinked and knotted the small cable inside the tub ‘P’ trap or pipe. The reason snakes are referred to as snakes is because, When snakes are stored they are coiled up. These snakes, are referred to as sewer cables by Plumbers. Sometimes, when pulling the snake from the coil, it will uncoil faster than a rattlesnake. This can be dangerous and safety precautions should be taken.

Professional Plumbers in Sarasota carry various sizes of snakes on their trucks. Sarasota Plumbers who specialize in service and repairs, such as Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air, refer to a snake as an electric sewer machine. These machines are powered by an electric motor. Service Plumbers have a variety of attachments, called heads, to put on different sizes of cables to properly clear your stoppages.

Sometimes, a Professional Plumber may be able to remove the snake that is stuck in the tub drain. Other times, the floor must be cut and the pipe removed to get the snake out.

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