Leak in the Closet, the Floor is Wet Behind the Bathroom Wall

You may have started your morning by your wife telling you the floor in the closet is wet, behind the bathroom wall.  This is not what you wanted to hear anytime, much less first thing in the morning.  What do you do? Call your Sarasota plumber and schedule an appointment with Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air, so when your wife asks you what you are going to do, you can tell her you have a backup plan.

Leak Detection

Now you can take some time and search for some clues that will help you find the cause of the puddle of water in the closet.  If you find that the water was from a roof leak from the rain storms you have been having, you know you need a roofer and not a Sarasota plumber and you could cancel your appointment with Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air.  Maybe, question everyone in the household to see if some water was accidentally spilled.  Also, if you have any animals, check to make sure it wasn’t a pet accident. If you can rule all of these out, its’ possible you will need a Licensed Master Plumber in Sarasota to help you determine the cause of the leak in your closet.

How to find a leak

If the water puddle in the closet is right behind your shower, the first thing to do is to clean up the water so you can tell if more occurs when you do the following tests.  Once the floor is dry enough to tell if more water comes out, run water in the shower from the shower head and watch to see if more water comes out on the closet floor.  If it does, the problem could be a broken shower arm in the wall, where it threads into an elbow fitting.  This would be simple fix with an easy-out tool that your plumber in Sarasota would have on his truck.  Or you could buy an easy-out tool from the hardware store. Cut the end off the tool so it is shallow enough to fit into the elbow, unscrew the broken thread, and screw in a new shower arm. Now, test the shower again. Hopefully that fixed your problem.

A Leaking Shower

If a leak in the closet is still occurring, you will need to check the shower pan.  Showers have a safety liner, similar to a water bed. It is called a pan. Over the years the material used to make the pan has changed.. If your home is newer, the pan may of been damaged while it was under construction and the tile kept it from leaking up to now.  If your home is older, the pan may of deteriorated, due to age.

To check the pan for leaks, cover the drain and fill it up with 2-3″ of water.  If water starts coming out in the closet,  the pan is leaking. At this point, you will want to get your plumber in Sarasota to get an estimate.

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