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Water On the Floor Around My Toilet, Leaking At the Base? Wimpy’s Will Find the Problem.

Water on the floor around my toilet or leaking at the base. Wimpy’s will find the problem.  Many customers have called us with this fairly common plumbing problem in Sarasota, Florida.  As your Local Sarasota Plumber, Wimpy’s is the expert in finding out why you are having water on the floor around your toilet or why it is leaking at the base.  It is usually not the same problem in each case.  I once knew a Plumber in Sarasota who saw water around the base of the toilet and just replaced the toilet.  Come to find out it was … [Read More]

Whole Home Water Filtration

What is it? As the name suggests, whole home water filtration involves installing a system that filters every drop of water that comes through any faucet in your home. While pitcher filters and point of use filters are available, they don’t protect your family’s health or plumbing system the way a whole home filtration system can. What does it filter out? Before your water ever makes it to your home, it’s treated with chlorine by your local municipality to kill any bacteria and microorganisms. While that helps keep the water drinkable, that chlorine makes its way from the filtration … [Read More]