How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do you worry about indoor air pollution in Sarasota or the surrounding area? Do you want to improve the indoor air quality in your home but you’re not sure how? Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air has you covered! We’ve compiled a list of a few ways you can quickly make sure the air you are breathing is not dangerous or putting you at risk. Read on, or give us a call for more information about how to improve your indoor air quality! Minimize Pollution Sources If there are sources of indoor air pollution in your home, block them off to … [Read More]

Old Home, Plumbing Specialist, WIMPY’S.

Did you move to Sarasota and buy an older home?  A lot of folks do because of the character of the home or the neighborhood it is in.  Welcome to our town! At the time of buying your home, it’s possible you and your home inspector did not see the entire plumbing system.  You probably did see all the cosmetics of the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms.  And maybe that was upgraded.  But did you see the heart of your plumbing system?  By that, I mean did anyone offer to camera the main drain lines?  Or show you the … [Read More]

Why Schedule Professional Hydro-Jetting Services?

The sewer line on your property serves a very important purpose. It is your sewer line, after all, that removes waste and waste and waste water from your property, delivering it to the municipal sewer system or the septic tank that you have on your property.

Wimpy’s is Sarasota’s Full Service Plumber!

When you want a Plumber, wouldn’t you rather have one that can take care of all of your plumbing needs?  Wimpy’s is that Plumber, Sarasota’s Full Service Plumber! We can fix your running toilet, drippy faucet or install all new drain lines and water lines in your house.  We can clear your drains that are stopped up or install you a whole house water conditioner, filter or water softner. If you are having a problem stoppage, we have the latest technology to go inside a drain line with a camera and see what the problem is.  If fixing the … [Read More]

family owned and operated

Love Your is a Specialty Plumbing Company in Sarasota, Fl.

Love your is a specialty Plumbing Company in Sarasota, Fl..  The reason we are a specialty Plumbing Company is because our goal is to exceed your expectations of what you deserve when you call a Professional Plumbing Company.  We want you to be so happy that you tell all of your friends and neighbors how much they Love their Plumber. You will start to Love Your Plumber as soon as you hear our office managers cheery voice, answering your call about whatever plumbing problem you may have.  Lori will make sure you know when our professional, polite, courteous … [Read More]

Plumber, Cheap, Honest, Professional, Experienced, Clean cut and Dependable.

Plumbers. When you need a plumber, you want one that will be cheap, honest, professional, experienced, clean cut and dependable, right?  And don’t you want the Plumber coming to your house to be someone that your afraid to let in your front door?  You need to ask yourself, would I be okay in recommending this Plumbing Company or guy they sent, to my Mom, Sister or close friend? If you were not impressed with the firm you choose and they sent you someone really scary looking or you perceived the impression that he didn’t know what he was doing, … [Read More]

plumber fixing leaking kitchen

Leaking Pipe Under House When Using Kitchen

Leaking pipe under house when using kitchen, was what a customer called with yesterday.  She said that when she runs the kitchen sink, she sees water under her house.  Her house had a crawl space underneath it so she could see the water puddling up. Now if this is something you are experiencing also, then there is is good chance that you will need to call a Professional Plumber to make the needed repair.  You want to beware of calling a handyman to fix your plumbing drain line under the house.  Depending on the condition of the waste piping … [Read More]

plumber repairing leaky bathroom sink

Leak On Floor When Bathroom Sink Runs

Water on the bathroom floor or on the floor of the wall behind the bathroom, maybe the kitchen?  We had this happen to a good customer the other day.  They had just gotten back into town and turned on their bathroom sink faucet.  The husband noticed water on the floor coming out from under the refrigerator.  They had just gotten a new refrigerator and thought maybe the ice maker line connection was leaking.  He pulled the refrigerator out and checked the ice maker line, that was fine.   But there was still water on the floor.  That’s when he … [Read More]

Faucet handle doesn’t turn hot in the shower.

The faucet handle in your shower that controls hot and cold water coming out of your shower head, has been a popular complaint lately.  Customers call up our office and say that when they turn the faucet handle to hot, it does not get hot.  Is this happening to you? Our team of plumbers can either explain to you how to fix it yourself or we would be able to send a professional plumber to your home to fix the faucet handle that doesn’t turn hot in your shower. With the newer style positemp cartridges or the thermostatic mixing,tub/shower … [Read More]

My Sink is Clogged Up, What should I Do?

My sink is clogged up, what should I do?  This type of call comes into every Plumbers office on a daily occurrence.  Sometimes it is the kitchen sink and one side of it drains, but the other side does not.  Other times it may be the bathroom sink that is clogged up or does not drain well. My sink is clogged up, what should I do?  This is how it is explained to the customer service representative who answers the phone.  First thing to do is to determine which sink in the house they are referring too.  As our … [Read More]