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Faucet Buying? Tips On Which One To Buy.

Moen Bathroom Sink Faucet used by Sarasota Plumbers - Wimpy's Dependable PlumbingFaucet buying can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices. How do you pick one?  Do You choose it by the look or brand?

Faucet buying didn’t use to be so difficult years ago, because there were only a few choices.  Today, the possibilities are almost endless.

Faucet buying can be fun if you set some guidelines for your purchase.

Here are some faucet buying tips:

1)  Buy a well known brand.  This way your Plumber will always be able to get you parts for it.

2) Get your Plumbers’ opinion on the faucet you want to buy. He knows faucets better than the guy in the big box store.

3)  If you didn’t get to pick out the original faucet, now is the time to get the look, the color and the quality you want.

4)  Have a budget in mind when looking at faucets.

5)  Feel the weight of the faucet.  A faucet made from brass will hold up much longer than zinc or plastic.

6)  Make sure you can get matching faucets in the same bathroom for the tub, shower and lavatory.  This could help your resale down the road.  Not to mention it looks better.

7)  European faucets or exotics, as some Plumbers call them, may be the look you want.  Bear in mind that all faucets will need repair one day, and the price for a part and the lack of availability of the part could be a reason to stick to a well known brand that every Plumber has parts for.

8)  Check to see if the brand you like has any lifetime warranties.

9)  Make sure you spouse likes it.  This will allow  you to sleep better at night!

10) Have a Plumber install it for you.  This makes life for you so much easier and your spouse will love you for it.

Have fun picking out your faucet, then call Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing to install it, your spouse will love you for it.  Then, you will Love Your Plumber.

Schedule on line in the Sarasota, Bradenton area for installing your faucet at  Or just call Lori, at Wimpy’s, 941-322-1911. She can fit you in our Lakewood Ranch, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Longboat Key plumbing service areas.

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